What is the IDA Seal?

IDA Seal stands for safety and effectiveness, a symbol of products that are of benefit to the oral health of consumers. The Seal is designed to help the public and dental professionals make informed choices.

IDA formulated a rigorous guideline within the framework of its constitution for testing, evaluation and advertisement of dental products. Consequently, the objective of IDA's evaluation programme is, "the improvement of health of the public and the promotion of the art and science of dentistry".

What determines whether a dental product qualifies for the Seal?

Not every dental product qualifies for the Seal. There are certain requirements that must be met. For example, a company that applies for the Seal must:

  • Submit ingredient lists and other pertinent product information for review and approval.
  • Provide objective data from clinical and/or laboratory studies that support the safety, effectiveness and promotional claims of the products.
  • Conduct clinical trials in strict compliance with IDA guidelines and procedures.
  • Provide evidence that manufacturing and laboratory facilities are supervised and adequate to ensure purity and uniformity of the product, and that the product is manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practices.
  • Submit all product packaging and labeling for review and approval by IDA, and comply with the IDA's standards for accuracy and truthfulness in advertising.

The IDA Seal usually is awarded for a three-year period. Companies must reapply to continue using the Seal. Whenever the composition of an accepted product changes, the company must resubmit the product for review and approval before it is marketed with the Seal. As long as a product bears the IDA Seal, it must continue to meet these requirements.

How are products evaluated?

The IDA's Council on Seal of Acceptance reviews and declares oral care products safe, effective and worthy of the IDA Seal. The consultants represent all fields relevant to evaluating dental products, including dental materials, microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology and chemistry. In some instances, IDA may conduct or ask the company to conduct additional testing. Only after a product has demonstrated its safety and effectiveness will the IDA Council on Seal of Acceptance award the Seal to that product.

How is the Seal used in advertising and packaging?

The IDA requires accepted products to display a Seal Statement on the product label and in advertising. The Seal Statement tells the consumer why the IDA accepted that particular product. For example, the Seal Statement on an accepted toothpaste with fluoride would read: “The IDA Council on Seal of Acceptance’ acceptance of (product name) is based on its finding that the product is effective in helping to prevent and reduce tooth decay, when used as directed.” Look for the Seal Statement whenever you see the IDA Seal.

What is the value of the seal?

IDA Seal of Acceptance is designed to help consumers make informed decisions about safe and effective consumer products. Market research has shown that the IDA Seal on a product affects the purchase decisions of consumers.

IDA is happy to answer questions from dentists and members of the dental team, the media and the public about the Seal programmes evaluation process and accepted products.

How do I apply for the IDA Seal of Acceptance?

You can submit the application form for product endorsement under the IDA Seal acceptance programme on the website.